Harbor terrace Baywatch

The summer is approaching again and that means we will open again! 🙂
Announces closer when we open!

Ahoy sailor!

On a hot summer night in Ekenäs it’s not hard to guess where CJ Parker or Mitch Buchannon are hanging out.
Most likely they are enjoying the sun on the harbor terrace. Did anyone say Baywatch?
Not to be decieved, it’s just one of the nicknames. While CJ is enjoying a glass of wine, or maybe a classic long drink, Mitch may be starving for a Mayday from the terraces’ pizza oven. He probably rinses it down with a nice cold beer.
The harbor terrace is not just a place for off duty Hobie & co, during the day it’s a café for the whole family! Not quite unexpected, it’s also a favorite among the sailors.
The place has in recent times arisen as the boaters petrolmack. Nowadays, the enlarged terrace offers something for everyone.
Welcome to the best terrace in the city!
At the disposal of guests there is also a wireless network available.
Name: CAFE
Password: Ask cashier.